HHH 2017Sep04 ScafeHHH#1 — Monday, July 1 (Canada Day) — Mill Hill, meet at the overflow gravel parking lot of Thetis Lake Park on Atkins Road at 9:00 am.  Completed  8 Harriers, 4 Dogs

HHH#2 - Monday August 5 (B.C. Day) - Craigflower Creek Meadows (New), meet at Bob's House, 2600 Herbate Road at 9:00 am.  Optional swim following the hike.  Completed  12 Harriers, 6 Dogs

HHH#3 — Monday, September 2 (Labour Day) — Stewart Mountain and Scafe Hill, meet at the end of Westoby Road at 9:00 am.  Completed  9 Harriers, 7 Dogs

HHH#4 — Thursday, December 26 (Boxing Day) — Mount Newton, meet at the Prairie Inn Neighbourhood Pub for car-pooling at 10:00 am.

12th Annual Harriers Hounds 40 Metre Sand Sprint - Saturday, October 19 - Thetis Lake Park, meet on the main beach at 7:40 am.  Our very own unique, time-trial dog race.  Completed  7 Harriers Hounds, 16 Harriers Owners and Spectators

You don’t need a dog to join in with the Harriers Hounds Hikes as everyone is welcome. Add these dates to your social calendar. No running!

Submitted by: Bob Reid, April 1, 2019     Updated to October 9, 2019.
HHH 2017Sep04 Hike




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