Area of focus:

  • Primarily road running: 5K to the marathon
  • Beginner to advanced


  • Level II Lydiard Foundation Coach 
  • Level II NCCP Club Coach (pending practical)
  • Senior NCCP CSA Soccer Coach
  • NCCP SafeSport


  • "Good and bad training can look the same on paper."
  • "If your coach cannot explain why you are doing a particular workout, get a new coach."
    — Arthur Lydiard 
    Coach, NZ, 17 Olympic gold medals


  • Based on the great Arthur Lydiard and many coaches who came after him. The method for being fully prepared on race day requires patience. The focus is on building a solid aerobic foundation first, followed by specific training phases done in order. Everything is important in training, but it is the aerobic foundation which allows the athlete to carry out the faster training load and ultimately be well-prepared to race at one's best on race day.
  • The process is sequential, proven by beginners, age-group competitive, sub-elite and world-class distance runners.
  • Read: The five Lydiard principles explained: World-class training for all abilities (5-minute read) to understand the general approach.
  • Mentors: Four-time Olympians Lorraine Moller and Rod Dixon, as well as Australian Olympic coach Nic Bideau, among others.


  • Threshold Thursdays: Starting Thursday, March 14, 2024, 6:30 PM (using alternating locations: Layritz Park and Lochside Trail near the Monkey Tree Pub and Don Mann Excavating. 
    Learn to run by feel and by time, rather than by pace and distance. Become in tune with your internal metronome and clock and develop a solid aerobic base with a low risk of injury. Must be able to run for approximately 90 minutes. See the Facebook Group, here.
  • Summer of Malmo long runs: This is geared toward summer base building. Race season is pretty much over and it is time to run higher volumes at easier efforts. Every other Sunday Starting May 19 meet at Layritz Parking lot for a long run. We will gather at 9:00 AM and begin running at 9:05 (we wait five minutes for everyone and six minutes for no one). Bring your own beverages.
    Run 32K with 568M of elevation change and reach a peak elevation of 262m — a prominence of 247m.

Contact — for rates and services.

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President: Vancouver Island Runners' Association
General Manager: Vancouver Island Race Series
Elite Athlete Coordinator: Royal Victoria Marathon and TC10K
At-large board member: Prairie Inn Harriers Running Club

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We respect and honour the Peoples on whose traditional lands we live and run

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