The 2023 TNW schedule and workouts are much like those of years past: 2022 2021 2020 2019 2018 2017 2016
As always it is subject to minor updates and tweaks as necessary.

Hopefully this year we can fully return to social gatherings after each quarter.

Remember an old workout you'd like back? See one you'd like dropped?  Have some thoughts on how to adjust an existing workout to improve?  Or a suggestion for a whole new workout?  Let us know.  Any and all input welcome.

1 Jan. 3
Cedar Hill Rec Ctr
Aldridge / Kingsley Road – flat 10 x 500m, 100m recovery – Five circuits of Aldridge, Knight, Kingsley, North Dairy, crossing McRae 10 times, be careful!
2 Jan. 10 Cook / The Rise Road – hills 6 x 450m bump, 30 second walk/rest, 350m hill, 200m walk/jog recovery
– six laps of Cook, Vista Heights, The Rise, and Summit
3 Jan. 17 Savannah / Lovat Road – flat 8 x 675m, 100m uphill walk recovery, counter-clockwise
– two sets of four, reverse 675m jog recovery between sets
4 Jan. 24 Peacock Hill Road – hills 10 x 250m climb up Tolmie Avenue to Peacock Hill gaining +30m, jog recovery down
– two sets of five, 600m recovery between adding Bellevue to Maywood<
5 Jan. 31 Townley Queenston Taylor Road – flat 6 x 1km, final 200m build, 150m recovery – six flat loops
6 Feb. 7 Cook @ Quadra Twelve Hills Road – hills Three Monarch of the Hill repeats of Hollis, then in turn of Clovelly Terrace, Camrose Court, and in a continuous loop Connorton Lane – longer recovery on roads between
7 Feb. 14 Wordsworth / Browning Road – flat 12 x 600m, 75m recovery – six figure-eights of Wordsworth, North Dairy, Browning, McRae, Wordsworth, Knight and Browning Park
8 Feb. 21 Bridgeport Hills Road – hills Four paired hill assault tempos of Pointer & Nancy, then of Duke & Bridgeport – regrouping jog between
9 Feb. 28 King's Pond Trail / Road – flat 12 x 125m/250m – first on chip trail, second on Ascot accelerating three times, equal jog recoveries
– three sets of four, walk/jog recovery between sets
10 Mar. 8 Low Doncaster Road – incline 12 x 400m incline, 275m dark path recovery, 85m sprint, 85m recovery
– three sets of four, 400m road recovery between sets
11 Mar. 14 Golf Course Uppers Chip Trail – undulating 4 x 1 mile on north perimeter trail, 400m jog + 100m walk recovery across middle - anti-clockwise
alternate workout after first lap switch to Monghetti Fartlek 2x90s,4x60s,4x30s,4x15s all hard with equal steady after
12 Mar. 21 Mt. Tolmie Road / Trail – hills Six big hill climbs – 3 x 600m up Mayfair road from south gaining +60m, jog recovery down; 3 x 525m up trail section from north gaining +40m, jog recovery down road & trail
13 Mar. 28 Browning Sonria Wordsworth Road 6 x 520m (140m recovery) / 700m (80m recovery)
– six loops of Browning, park, Browning (Derby) / Sonria, Browning, Knight, Wordsworth (McRae)
14 Apr. 4 Summit Park Grass / Trail 12 x 500m, 1 minute recovery
– three sets of four, 2 minute walk / jog recovery between sets
15 Apr. 11 Oswald Park Parloff Path Parloff Relay – continuous tagged repeats with partner of 250m (70m recovery)
– in sets of 12, 10 and 8 minutes with two minutes rest between
16 Apr. 18 Golf Course Lowers Chip Trail 9 x 650m (50m recovery) on south perimeter and middle trails
– three clockwise laps of three intervals (uphill, flatter, downhill)
17 Apr. 25 Topaz Park Diagonals Pavement or grass Continuous repeats of ~350m U's around fenced sports field with ~95m recovery jog across end
– 2 sets of 15 minutes with 3 minutes rest between [Might need to change with field construction]
** Spring Fluids & Fare ** – 6:30 CHRC lounge pizza & beverages
spare extra Snowy Trails Cart Paths 9 x 600m, 75m recoveries – 3 blizzardy figure eights on the NE interior cart paths of Cedar Hill Golf Course [snow 6]
spare extra Oakcrest Road 12 x 500m, 100m recovery – 3 sets of 4, 500m reverse jog recovery between sets
18 May 2
Spring Wild Card – various
Cuthbert Holmes Trail & path 6 x 650m / 350m double interval figure 8's, common 1 minute recovery
– meet by Silver City Theatre, Tillicum mall – warmup into shaded park
19 May 9 Mystic Vale Trail 5 x 600m / 550m / 100m surprise, 70m walk recovery
– meet by Henderson Rec Centre parking lot – magical Mystical tour warmup
20 May 16 Layritz Trail 3 x 430m / 700m / 430m / 640m figure 8's with flat & hill side intervals and common centre interval, walk recovery
– meet by Layritz Ave parking lot – 3/4 figure 8 warmup
21 May 23 Uplands Park Trail 5 x 500m / 500m, 1 minute recovery, five circuits of a 1.2K loop
– meet by small lot on Scenic Drive entrance just off Beach Drive
22 May 30 Esquimalt Gorge Park Mixed 5 x 800m / 500m, 50m walk recovery
– meet by main parking lot at end of entrance road off Tillicum
no replaced Macaulay Point Trail & path 4 x 800m / 600m, 100m recoveries – loops through & around old fortifications
meet by Buxton Green parking lot off Munro St – warmup with seaviews of Victoria
23 June 6
Mount Doug Park main (beach) parking lot
Glendenning 200's DT Trail 21 x 200m increasing inclines, 100m jog recovery
– three sets of seven, 800m jog recovery down between sets – far South, long warmup
24 June 13 Long North Trail 3 x 1200m / 1100m, 1 minute recovery
– Whittaker / Norn – warmup to old resort
25 June 20 South Up Trail 3 x 600m / 350m / 550m, 1 minute recovery
– connector, up Mercer, Harrop / down Whittaker / up Firepit, down Glendenning
26 June 27 Dave Reed Triangles Trail 6 x 450m / 250m / 350m, alternating hard and steady intervals
– Mercer / connector / Glendenning – Dave Reed memorial workout
27 July 4 Norn Steeplechase Trail 4 x 400m / 500m / 600m, 1 minute recovery
– Norn, Irvine / Norn, Whittaker / Whittaker, Norn – loop crossing Churchill Dr
28 July 11 Harrop Hill Trail 3 x 600m / 600m / 600m, 1 minute recovery
up and along Harrop / down Mercer / down Maddock
29 July 18 Cross Churchill Trail 4 x 300m / 250m / 400m / 450m, 1 minute recovery
– Whittaker / Norn / Whittaker / Norn – figure 8's north and south of Churchill Dr
30 July 25 Douglas Trail 3 x 1000m / 650m, 100m / 200m walk / jog recovery
– Beach, Douglas / Douglas – figure 8's south and north of Ash Rd
31 Aug 1 Double Shot Trail 3 x 500m / 400m / 400m / 400m, 1 minute recovery, jog middle, walk ends
– Whittaker / Whittaker / Norn / Norn – between Churchill & gravel pit
** Picture Night (wear red) and Pizza in the Park
32 Aug. 8
Beaver Lake lower (gravel) parking lot 
Bananas Trail 4x 450m / 450m / 350m / 350m, bananas, 1 minute recovery
– near the shelter – full loop warmup
33 Aug. 15 East Bridges Trail 5 x 775m / 515m, pink / blue, 100m recovery
– near the small beach
34 Aug. 22 West Double D Trail 4 x 750m / 830m, 150m recovery
– near the riding ring
35 Aug. 29 East Meadows / Lakeshore Trail 4 x 600m / 800m, 100m recovery
– in the meadows & lakeshore trail
36 Sep. 5 Bear Hill Trail 2 x 1km surges outbound on back stretch, 1+km climb up Bear Hill, 1km and 2km surges inbound, jog between
37 Sep. 12 Long East Boathouse Trail 3 x 1250m / 650m, 100m recovery
– towards the boathouses
38 Sep. 19 West Meadows / Lakeshore Trail 6 x 500m / 500m, 100m recovery
– between the shelter and riding ring
** Rally beverage night – free tins – Shelter
39 Sep. 26 Long West Loop Trail 5 x 1200m, 1 minute recovery
– near the ponds
no replaced Parloff Relay Grass Parloff Relay (teams of three) – 30 minutes of 200m, 100m recovery
– in sets of 12, 10, and 8 minutes, 2 minute recovery between sets
** Autumn Fluids & Fare – TBD
40 Oct. 3
Fall Wild Card – various
Rithets Bog Park Trail 2 x 2800m, 3 minute recovery
– meet at corner of Chatterton Way and Dalewood Lane
41 Oct. 10 Beckwith Park Trail / Grass 6 x 500m / 500m, 150m walk/jog recoveries
– meet by washroom building
42 Oct. 17 McMinn Park ???? Trail / Road 4 x 650m / 1000m, trail recovery
– meet by Lochside School corner of Royal Oak Dr & Lochside Dr
43 Oct. 24 Braefoot Park Grass or Road park loops or Livingstone and Eric
– meet in parking lot by lacrosse box corner of McKenzie & Braefoot
44  Oct. 31
Cedar Hill Rec Ctr
Epsom / Ascot ???? Road 5 x 400m / 540m, 1 minute recovery
– five circuits
45  Nov. 7 Tracksell / James Heights Road 5 x 200m / 350m / 350m / 200m, 100m strong jog / 50m walk recoveries
– five out & back "Big Dipper" circuits
46  Nov. 14 Derby Road 12 x 500m – Derby, up Persimmon, Astoria, 100m recovery by Maplewood
– three sets of four, 300m jog recovery via Willerton between sets
47  Nov. 21 High Doncaster Road 12 x 500m – Derby, up Doncaster, Glacier, 300m walk+jog recovery via Diana
– three sets of four with 4th to Cranbrook, 500m reverse jog recovery between sets
48  Nov. 28 Kathleen / Craigmillar Road 6 x 800m – Kathleen, down Rock, Craigmillar, 100m recovery up Tattersall sidewalk
– six circuits
49 Dec. 5 Astoria Road 12 x 500m – Astoria, down Persimmon, Derby, 100m recovery by Maplewood
– three sets of four, 300m jog recovery via Willerton between sets
50 Dec. 12 Oakcrest Road 12 x 500m, 100m recovery – 3 sets of 4, 500m reverse jog recovery between sets
51 Dec. 19 Christmas Lights Run Road a tour of nearby neighbourhoods from the Reynolds School parking lot on McKenzie.  Possible Afters at 1550's or another nearby establishment.
52 Dec. 26 Dark Trails of CHGC Trail 9 x 600m, 75m recoveries – 3 snowy (wishful thinking) figure eights on the NE interior cart paths of Cedar Hill Golf Course

 2024 will follow the same schedule to begin, adjusted one day earlier.


  1. Training sessions every Tuesday night throughout the year start at 5:15 pm from Cedar Hill Rec. Centre (Nov.–April), Wild Card locations (May, Oct.), Mount Douglas Park (June–July), and Beaver Lake (Aug.–Sept.).
  2. There are different pace groups for the warmup and workouts intermix abilities so all groups finish at the same time. Each session will feature a bonus lap for regrouping prior to the cool down. The primary run leader is Jeff Hunt, with Gary Duncan and Shane Ruljancich as backups.
  3. Do not train faster than your normal pace; don't be dragged through an uncomfortable workout at someone else’s pace when it is beyond your fitness level. It is up to each person to determine their training pace and workout pace.
  4. Each training session is geaorange towards the upcoming Island Series race, or as a softer surface recovery run following a race. Other races where TNW’s benefit training and recovery include the TC 10K, Sun Run, Oak Bay and other Half Marathons, Victoria Marathon, PIH-hosted Thetis Lake races, and other road and cross country events.

Basic program developed by Bob Reid, Prairie Inn Harriers, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., 250-384-1520. Old maps by Gary Duncan This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 250-721-2912 and Chris Callendar. Please do not copy or distribute this schedule without permission. January 4, 2023.


We respect and honour the Peoples on whose traditional lands we live and run

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