T'was the dawn before Christmas rush
And all through the parking lot
Harriers were gathered 'round the Galbraiths
To see what they brought.

And what to their wondering eyes should appear
But a box full of bobbles, ribbons and cheer.
Into pockets and backpacks went the Christmas trinkets
Which jingled and jangled while they dodged puddles and thickets.

They ran through the forest like elves on a mission
Slip-toeing through swamps, full of joy and ambition.
And there in the clearing stood Charlie the Tree
So happy to see us, he raised his branches with glee.

He accepted each bobble, tassel and bow
Amidst smiles and oogles and holiday glow.
Indeed there arose such a boisterous chatter
That more Harriers dropped by to see what was the matter.
Charlie resized

They joined in the party and quick as a winkle
Charlie was dressed to the nines in glitter and twinkle.
One branch was adorned with a Charlie Galbraith bobble.
Charlie the Tree was honored to hold the memorial doggle.

With pockets lighter and spirits brighter they flew
Back to the parking lot to bid a fond adieu.
We'll come back again for runs and good times
And Charlie will greet us with shimmers and shines.

It's moments like this that make winter so bright.
Merry Harrier Christmas to all, and to all a good night.


We respect and honour the Peoples on whose traditional lands we live and run

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December 10, 2023

Andrew Russell, Patricia Roney, Shane Ruljancich and Lindsay Fraser...


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