December 22, 1997
Jack Miller
Jack won the M50 division in the Honolulu Marathon with a 2:46, narrowly beating two Americans who he caught and passed in the last mile.

December 15, 1997
Tobin Whitmarsh
Tobin won his age group at the Christmas Rush 5K. Tobin is the younger brother of Canadian 800m champion Zach Whitmarsh.

December 8, 1997
Dr. Patricia Spin, Jennifer Andreen and Diane Anderson
All three had outstanding performances in both the Gunner Shaw Cross Country and the Merrython 8K. Obviously aerobics instructors make good runners!

December 1, 1997
Tom Michell
The inaugural winner of the Gunner Shaw Cross Country race, The only 5-time winner of Gunner Shaw Cross Country race, the most consistent performer in the Gunner Shaw Cross Country race, 2nd place finisher and top Harrier in this year's Gunner Shaw Cross Country race, a local legend - and he's a nice guy, too. I think he qualifies for runner of the week.

November 24, 1997
Sylvan Smyth
One of the few Harriers who's racing regularly these days (along with Carlos Castillo and ultra-man Rob Grant), Sylvan finished 2nd overall at the Dash for Diabetes 8K.

November 17, 1997
Carlos Castillo
Carlos anchored the Harriers team to first place overall in the Mud, Sweat and Tears Cross Country race on the weekend, and he could probably run even better than he is if he'd lose those heavy black socks and black loafers for some real running footwear!

November 11, 1997
Terry Turcotte
Terry captained the Harriers Langford Loafers to a 3rd place finish in the Mixed Masters division in the Harriers Thetis Lake 20K Relay.

November 3, 1997
Bill Justus
New Harrier Bill Justus has had quite a streak of impressive races lately. He was second to club-mate Martin Dreyer at the Sri Chinmoy 2-mile race, ran a 2:45 Royal Victoria Marathon after leading in the early stages, and finsihed 3rd overall in the Haney-Harrison 100K ultra.

October 27, 1997
Martin Dreyer
Martin finished in 4th place overall at the Shawnigan Lake Half Marathon in 1:16:57 one week after winning the Sri Chinmoy 2-mile race in Beacon Hill Park.

October 20, 1997
Tom Johnston
ROLFING VICTIM RUNS OFF STREAK OF 5TH PLACE FINISHES! After being unable to run for five years, Tom turned to rolfing as a last resort to return to his glorious athletic prowess of old. It seems to be working! In consecutive weeks he has finished 5th overall in the Run for the Cure, the Turkey Trot 5K and the Bazett Farm Cross Country. He's moving to Vancouver in the next few weeks, but promises to return for future races, particularly the Gunner Shaw Cross Country.

October 13, 1997
Jenny Killbery and John Campbell
Jenny finished the Royal Victoria Marathon in 3:29:51 to place 3rd in the F2024 age-group. A super marathon debut. John was the top Harrier overall with a time of 2:56:58. John has had an inconsistent couple of years of training, but is now focused on breaking the 2:40 barrier at next year's Portland Marathon.

October 6, 1997
Coby Tschanz
Coby was the top Harrier woman and the 3rd Harrier overall at the Run for the Cure 5K. She has also done a great deal to assist cancer patients in her work with the Royal Jubilee Hospital Hospice. It was great to see her do so well in a race supporting a cause that she is so closely involved with.

September 29, 1997
Glenn Jaques, 1942 - 1997
Glenn contributed a great deal to the Harriers over the years in team events, ultramarathoning, racewalking and coaching. He introduced many new members to distance running and walking where he generally paced his pupils through their first ultra. He was particularly good at encouraging women to join the running and eacewalking community. He was always happy, dedicated, supportive and polite about his sport and life in general. Glenn died of a stroke on September 22 at the age of only 55.

September 15, 1997
Josephine Hees
Josephine won 3 gold medals at the B.C. Masters Atletics Championships in New Westminster. She won the 5km and 10km race walks and the 4X100m relay. How's that for versatility?!

September 8, 1997
Sylvan Smyth
Sylvan won the Metchosin 5km on Sunday - apparently ducking the competition of the bigger races!

August 18, 1997
Marg Melvin
Marg continues to work tirelessly in the organization of the August 24 Women's Transition House 8K as well as the annual Arbutus 8K. She has done so much over the years in representation of the Harriers and continues to set an example we could all do well to follow.

August 4, 1997
Mike Boissonneault
Mike finished 2nd overall in the Sri Chinmoy duathlon with an excellent time of 2:06:05 for something like 17 km of running and 30 km on the bike. Well done!

July 21, 1997
Alana O'Connell
The Vancouver-based Prairie Inn Hellion had a great run at the 9th Annual Knee Knackering North Shore 30-mile Trail Run. She set a PR for the course and finished 2nd overall amongst women.

July 14, 1997
Les MacNeill and Marcia Stromsmoe
Les and Marcia were two of only 5 Harriers to attend this week's social run and meeting - and they had to come all the way from Mexico to attend! What happened to all the Victoria club members? Too far to drive?

July 7, 1997
Christine Thate
Christine ran both the Chemainus Twilight Shuffle and the Sidney Days 5K - two races 14 hours apart! A quality double and Christine appears to be one of the few Harriers who's still racing!

June 30, 1997
Mr. and Mrs. Nobody
These two seem to be the only Harriers attending our recently scheduled social events.

June 23, 1997
Sandy Auburn
The Harriers' Social Director has organized this week's Strawberry Festival Club Run at Beaver Lake. Two weeks ago she also organized the Victoria contigent of 11 runners and walkers in the 63.5 km Great Walk from Gold River to Tahsis. Sandy turned in one of the best performances of the group, placing 6th among women. Very impressive considering that 673 started the event and 544 finished.

June 16, 1997
Sylvan Smyth
Sylvan ran two races in two of the past three weekends: The Mad Hatter Oak Bay Tea Party 3K and the Firefighters' Trail Run 10.2K on May 31st and June 1st and the Arbutus 8K and the Hilltopper 8.85K on June 14th and 15th. Now, is he burnt out, or will he run the 3 consecutive races over the Canada Day weekend?

June 9, 1997
Ken Smythe, Doug Gregory, Phil Cornforth
Ken, Doug and Phil all finished in the top 10 in the punishing 63.5 km Great Walk from Gold River to Tahsis. Ken was 4th, Doug 6th and Phil 9th.

June 2, 1997
Jack Miller
Jack anchored the Mellow Fellows division-winning Jasper to Banff relay team. His predicted time for the 18km final stage was 1 hour, 6 minutes and Jack came through with a clocking of 1:05:55 (5:54/mile) to seal the MF's 5 minute victory over their Edmonton rivals.

May 26, 1997
The Five Harrier Brians
Brian Travelbea ran for the Harriers' Half Fast and Half Assed Island Relay team, Brian Turner, Brian Mader and Brian Dublin all ran well for a Team West Coast team and when Brian Connon had to pull out of the Mellow Fellows Jasper to Banff team, Brian Turner agreed to sub. A busy weekend for the Harrier Brians.

May 19, 1997
Rob Reid
Last year's runner of the year and Harrier Gunner Shaw Most Valuable Runner Rob Reid anchored the PIH Half Fast and Half Assed masters team to a second place overall finish in the 1997 Island Farms Road Relay. On the first day Rob averaged 5:26 per mile over a tough, hilly 16.1 km stage. Despite tired legs on day 2, he followed up by running 5:16 per mile over 14.5 km.

May 12, 1997
Rosamund Dashwood
For the second consecutive year, Rosamund was the only Harrier to run every race in the Thrifty Foods Island Race Series. And, of course, she again won her age group in every race. Going into the last race of the series, Rosamund had scored 160 club points for the Harriers, whose lead over Ceevacs was only 151 points.

May 5, 1997
Glenn and Helen Jaques
Glenn & Helen won the 25 mile walk divisions of Sunday's Harriers Elk/Beaver Ultras. Glenn broke his own course record by nine minutes and Helen's seventh race on the course yielded her best time yet.

April 28, 1997
Charlie Ireland
Charlie is having an excellent race season including a victory in the M6064 division at the Garden City 10km. Charlie led a Harrier 1-2-3 finish, backed up by Hugh Smith and Ian Stewart.

April 21, 1997
George Tyahur
George became the fourth Harrier to win an Island Series race outright with his victory over Phil Nicholls at the Alberni Paper Chase 10km.

April 14, 1997
Rob Grant
Rob turned in another excellent ultra performance on Saturday at the Diez Vista 50km on the lower mainland's north shore. He won his age group and placed 11th overall in a talented field of 44 ultrarunners.

April 7, 1997
Bob Reid, Dan Harlow & Ken Bonner
The Harriers dominated the veterans' divisions at the Merville 15km: Bob and Dan ran 55:24 and 57:21 respectively to place 1-2 in the M5054 age group and Dan beat CRAC's Karl Klein for the first time this year. Ken ran 58:56 to win the M5559 age group for the first time.

April 1, 1997
Gordon Bonwick
In addition to his excellent recent racing performances, Gord is responsible for producing the latest Prairie Inn Post club newsletter. It will be available at next Tuesday's club meeting.

March 24, 1997
Anita Carter & George Tyahur
A long time Harrier star and former Gunner Shaw most valuable runner, Anita has been steadily improving her Island Series performances this season and on Sunday picked up her second age-group gold medal. George scored a narrow, hard-fought 9 minute victory in the very hilly (6000' of climb) and heat-affected Crown King 50 mile ultramarathon in Arizona.

March 17, 1997
Ken Smythe & Mike Ellis
What a weekend (thanks to a surprise late season snowfall)! On Saturday Ken Smythe was running with his buddies on Mill Hill when he wiped out and split open his head for 5 stitches. Then, on Sunday at the club's Goldstream Park social run, Mike Ellis repeated Ken's performance, earning himself a fat lip and a cut chin. Best wishes to two popular Harrier veterans on a speedy recovery from their bumps and bruises.

March 10, 1997
Jenny Killbery
Congratulations to Jenny for winning her Island Series age group for the first time at the Comox Half Marathon. She has run every race in the series so far and her gold medal follows 1 silver and 3 bronze in the first 4 races. An early contender for the Harriers' 1997 Gunner Shaw most valuable runner.

March 4, 1997
Chad DePol
When the course gets tough and muddy, the wimps stay home, and the true Harriers shine. Chad finished a strong 2nd to Canadian National Cross Country Team member Steven Osaduik at Sunday's 30th annual Basil Parker Cross Country. Chad's a former winner of the Gunner Shaw Cross Country race and can always be counted on the give his all on any course under any conditions.

February 23, 1997
Martin Dreyer
Martin's a new Harrier from South Africa who boasted a 10k PR of over 34:00 - 'til the Dallas Road Dash. A fantastic run of 33:10 saw him cut a minute from his PR. Maybe that cross-training kayak paddling on the Gorge is paying off!

February 20, 1997
Robert Bostrom
Robert won his first ever competitive ribbon for third place in the M50 category at the Peninsula XC challenge. Well done, Rob!

February 10, 1997
Ann Griffin
Ann ran an excellent race at the Cedar 15k and finished ahead of husband Gordon Bonwick for the first time ever! Unfortunately, Gord had to pull out of the race at the halfway point with a pulled hamstring. Ann has been improving rapidly since the start of the series, improving her scores from 553 at the Harriers' 8k to 581 at the Mill Bay 10k to 591 at Cedar. Hmm, the longer the distance, the higher the score. Maybe we've found ourselves a new ultramarathon runner?

February 4, 1997
George Tyahur
A new club member, George is a very accomplished ultramarathon runner from the Czech Republic, with an excellent 100km PR of 7 hours, 20 minutes. That's barely over 7 minutes per mile for 62 miles. He'll be running for the Harriers in the three long distance races of this year's series: Cedar, Merville and Comox (the others are just too short!) as well as the Victoria Marathon, the Harriers' Elk-Beaver 100km, the 100km world championships in Finland and one other 100km race. Welcome aboard, George, and good luck with your ambitious 1997 race schedule.

January 27, 1997
Pat Jones
Pat ran well at Mill Bay to lower her 10k PR to 48:06. Well done, Pat! Rumour has it that the combination of Pat's much improved running and Kevin's recent decline has led to an uneasy competitive tension in the Jones household!

January 12, 1997
Maurice Tarrant
for countless hours of work co-ordinating the Harriers' 8k volunteers and for being named as BC Athletics' masters road racer of the year for 1996! Congratulations, Maurice!



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