There are 8 races hosted by PIH annually which are our primary events. Three are held on Statutory Holidays and the remainder are generally held on the same weekend each year.  The following is a list of race dates, race names and Race Director's names:

  • 2019
    1. Tues. Jan. 1 (New Years Day) — 23rd Harriers Memorial Run/Walk — Bob Reid, Race Director
    2. Sun. Jan. 1340th Harriers Pioneer 8K — Kathleen Birney, R.D.
    3. Sat. May 11 — 32nd Harriers 2:18 Run Elk/Beaver Ultras — Darcy Kernel, R.D.
    4. Sat. Oct. 26 - BC Cross Country Championships (PIH to host) - Bob Reid, R.D.
    5. Sun. Nov. 11 (Remembrance Day) — 23rd  Harriers Thetis Lake Cross Country 20K Relay — Bob Reid, R.D
    6. Sat. Nov. 2335th Harriers Gunner Shaw Cross Country Classic — Bob Reid, R.D
    7. Sun. Dec. 8 — 16th Harriers Stewart Mountain 10 / 5 Mile Cross County Challenge — Heather Simpson, Gary Duncan, R.D.s
    8. Thur. Dec. 26 (Boxing Day)21st Harriers 10 Mile Handicap (To be confirmed) — Gary Duncan, R.D.

Also, PIH plays a large role in assisting at 7 other annual fixtures and these are secondary Harriers-supported events:

  • 2019
    1. Sun. Mar. 10 - 2nd Another Brick in Nepal 10K/5K - Randy Jones, Race Director
    2. Sun. Apr. 28 — 20th Times Colonist 10K — Trish Fougner, R.D.
    3. Mon. May 20 (Victoria Day) —  1st Victoria Day Douglas Mile — Cathy Noel, R.D.
    4. Sat. June 1 — 8th Victoria Goddess Run — Cathy Noel, R.D.
    5. Tues. June 1835th Twilight Shuffle 5K — Phil Nicholls, R.D.
    6. Sun. Sept. 22 - 3rd Sidney by the Sea 8K/5K - Cathy Noel, R.D.
    7. Sun. Oct. 13 (Thanksgiving Sunday) — 40th GoodLife Fitness Victoria Marathon — Cathy Noel, R.D.

Although it is always done as a fun event, we are hosting our twelfth annual dog race at Thetis Lake Park again this year:

  • 2019
    1. Sat. Oct. 1912th Harriers Hounds 40 Metre Sand Sprint — Bob Reid, R.D.



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